Saturday Oct 21, 2023

UrbEx DEBATE 3 - Aussie Rules - Abandoned shark, Stealing or rehoming?, Talking to the Press, Homeless people, Wearing protection, Blowing up Spots, Does UrbEx need rules or code of ethics?

In this episode of the Chasing Bandos Urbex Podcast, a panel of four Australian urban explorers—Jims, Trespvss, Steak, and Mariachi — engage in a lively discussion on various urban exploration-related topics.

They start by sharing their experiences dealing with homeless people and scrappers commonly encountered in abandoned buildings. The explorers consider strategies for managing these encounters and the challenges they pose.

The panel then delves into the topic of protection for urban explorers, debating the necessity of carrying personal safety equipment while exploring abandoned places. Safety concerns and preparedness are key points of discussion.

Another topic explored is the potential need for rules, guidelines, or a code of ethics within the urban exploration community. The panel debates the advantages and challenges of creating and enforcing such standards.

The ethical dilemma of taking items from abandoned locations is also addressed, with the explorers sharing their perspectives on whether this practice is akin to rehoming or simply stealing.

Adapting behavior when traveling to different regions, countries, or cultures is discussed, highlighting the impact of local customs and laws on the explorers' approach.

The panel debates whether it is acceptable for urban explorers to engage with the press or media about their experiences, considering the potential consequences and benefits of such interactions.

The episode wraps up with a fascinating story about an abandoned wildlife park in Australia, featuring an abandoned shark left inside a tank. 

This discussion provides a comprehensive exploration of urban exploration topics, offering insights and perspectives from experienced explorers within the Australian urbex community, but in all honesty... it's a train wreck. 

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